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About Jennifer

Jennifer grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts. She received her bachelor’s degree in business from Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, MA. For the next decade, she spent her time dedicated to moving up the corporate ladder and was quite successful. Upon vacationing with her sister a while back, she was treated to her very first massage. When they left Jennifer stated, “Someday, I’ll be doing massage.” When asked why, she replied, “if I can make someone feel the way I feel now, I can’t imagine anything I’d rather do.” A promotion and 2 years later would find Jennifer feeling unsatisfied in her work and she decided that the corporate life was no longer for her. She left her job and began to make the vision she shared with her sister a reality.

Jennifer graduated from North Eastern Institute for Whole Health in Manchester, NH. Once she began her studies in massage, Jennifer realized that she had little idea of the many possibilities massage therapy had to offer. For the first time in her life school was exciting and she enjoyed all of her classes. She found that as her studies went on she became passionate about devoting her time to those who are ill and in need of massage therapy for medical reasons. Jennifer also enjoys the variety of working with people who need massages simply for stress relief. This was the main reason she turned to massage for years during her time in the corporate world. Jennifer especially enjoys helping others in the same way she was once helped herself.

Jennifer has a real compassion for the type of attention that people need and deserve and seldom give to themselves. Massage has become a very important part of Jennifer’s life and she knows that helping others through massage therapy is where she truly belongs.