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COVID Protocols

Clients will need:

  • Face masks must be worn at time of arrival, during intake, while face-up on table and during exit interview and leaving the building. ( I will have disposable masks if you forget yours)
  • Before every appointment you will need to fill out a quick checklist/waiver form. You get to keep the pen

The waiver will have 4 questions, if you can answer yes to any of them, then you will need to reschedule.
Here are the questions:

  • ____ I understand the above symptoms and affirm that I, as well as all household members, do not currently have, nor have experienced the symptoms listed above within the last 14 days.
  • ____ I affirm that I, as well as all household members, have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the last 30 days.
  • ____ I affirm that I, as well as all household members, have not knowingly been exposed to anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 with in the last 30 days.
  • ____ I understand that this business and my massage therapist cannot be held liable for any exposure to the virus or any other contagion caused by misinformation on this form or the health history provided by each client.

I will be using a touch-less thermometer to take a quick read of your forehead before you enter the room.

If you feel sick, please stay home.

What I promise to do:

  • I will take my temperature daily
  • I will now be wearing a smock over my clothes and change it between every client
  • I will use a clean hand towel for every client
  • I will be masked upon your arrival, during intake and exiting and while you are face up on the table. I will also, change my face mask between every client

Cleaning the room: Between every client, I will change the sheets, wipe down the entire room with disinfectant including door knobs. I have a UV light that will run periodically throughout the day and at the end of every day as an extra layer of “disinfectant”